Wintersport trip by car? A checklist!

We won’t draw up a long list here, but we do want to give some practical tips for skiers who travel by car.

Check your car before you leave:

Check the windscreen washer level and have extra anti-freeze fluid ready in your car.

Winter tires are mandatory in some countries (Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Sweden, and in specific regions in France, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic). Also check your tire pressure.

Your car battery should be in perfect working condition. Winter conditions are a burden on a car battery, especially when you leave the car parked for a week at the resort.

Useful accessories:

Snow chains: see also our blog post ‘commitments per country

Ice scraper, de-icer spray and / or final thaw

• A snow shovel (mandatory in certain Scandinavian countries)

A thermal blanket: you can use it in case of engine trouble, but also for accidents on the track.

Good sunglasses: in a snowy landscape the sun can dazzle.

And don’t forget: you should have the necessary non-alcoholic drinks and a little bit of food in the car. You might get stuck in traffic jams for hours.

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