Privacy and Cookies Policy

This Privacy en Cookie Policy (“Privacy & Cookie Policy”) applies to the Website (“Site”) run by ErGoris ltd, established Koning Albertlaan 154, 3010 Kessel-Lo, België, and registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0672.901.668.

SNOWXCHAINS.COM considers the protection of privacy extremely important and wants to inform and respect you – as a User – as much as possible, and give you the control over what happens with your personal data.

Your personal data and your privacy are being protected by SNOWXCHAINS.COM in accordance with the belgian and european legislation with regard to the protection of the privacy.A statement has been made at the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, related to the processing of your personal data.

This Privacy & Cookie Policy is part of the General Conditions of SNOWXCHAINS.COM, and has to be read attentively. In the following, not only your rights are being described, but also the way to exercise these rights.As far as we don’t derogate from them, the same definitions apply in the Privacy & Cookie Policy, as they are defined in the General Conditions of SNOWXCHAINS.COM.

By using the Site and communicating your personal data or personal data of third parties, (hereinafter called “Information”), you explicitly agree with the way we collect and process the Information, as it is described in this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

1. Which data are being collected and processed?

1.1 SNOWXCHAINS.COM processes different types of Information, depending on which services you use on the Site and/or the Platform:

a) Public information: a.o. profile information, pictures, etc., that you leave on our Site;

b) Personal information: a.o. personal data, name, address, mail address, administrative data, username, pictures of identity documents, bank account numbers, password, personal settings, etc.;

c) Technical information: a.o. data from the computers, the telephones or other devices on which you use the Site, your IP-address, etc.

d) History and logs: a.o. searches you did on the Site, time and day on which you visited all the pages of SNOWXCHAINS.COM etc.

1.2 Both during and after your registration as a User, you can supply us with further information with regard to your name, mail address, sex, date and place of birth, and several other (personal) data.You can, at any time, modify all the data of your account, either by modifying them yourself using the possibility to do so through the Site or the Platform, or by contacting SNOWXCHAINS.COM via the mail address

1.3 In case you decide to add additional (personal) information to your Account, you explicitely agree that we use this additional information in accordance with this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

1.4 When you provide personal data of third parties, you aknowledge and confirm that you are entitled to do so, or to have received authorization to share these data with SNOWXCHAINS.COM. These data of third parties are also being collected and processed for SNOWXCHAINS.COM, in accordance with this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

2. What are these data being used for?

2.1 SNOWXCHAINS.COM uses your Information for different purposes, for instance to actually publish the Information you wanted to make public. SNOWXCHAINS.COM also uses the Information to:

a) Enable you to use the Site correctly;

b) Connect users and owners (the so-called “matching”);

c) Do payments to;

d) Receive payments from the users;

e) Communicate with you through the Site, and to enable the owners/users to communicate with each other through the Site;

f) Generate anonymous statistics regarding (the users of) the Site;

g) Improve the Site or to be able to pass statistc information to third parties;

h) Register you and to display your Account on other social websites that are the property of SNOWXCHAINS.COM or affiliated companies;

i) When applicable, integrate your profile on the social media SNOWXCHAINS.COM has specific agreements with, with your profile on SNOWXCHAINS.COM;

j) Share your information strategically with SNOWXCHAINS.COM and her partners.

2.2  By registering on the Site and by creating an account, you accept that your information and the data of your account, personal information included, is available in countries outside Belgium. In this respect, it is possible that the legislation in the non-european countries guarantees a protection of your information that is less strict.

2.3  SNOWXCHAINS.COM will never share your payment data, passwords, and personal settings with third parties, and will make every effort to share your information in a way that the owner/user can make full use of the functionalities of the Site.

3. Sharing of Information

3.1 Third parties have access to all of the Information you made public yourself, and this in accordance with the conditions as described in your personal settings.

3.2 In order to avoid that you will receive unwanted e-mail messages from third parties, your mail address is not being shared with third parties, except in cases as specified in article 12.

3.3 Statistic Information can be shared for marketing- and/or promotional purposes, in order to enable SNOWXCHAINS.COM. a.o. to show you personalized advertisements or banner advertisements.

3.4 Without your explicite agreement, SNOWXCHAINS.COM doesn’t share Information with third parties that can be used to identify you, except in case this should be necessary for the functioning of the Site, and in the cases mentioned in article 12.

4. Cookies

4.1  The Site uses cookies. Cookies are tiny bits of information that are being created by a program on the server of the Site and that are then being stored on the hard disk of your computer.

4.2  The Site uses cookies in order to be able to recognize you as user of the Site, to memorise your preferred language, and to facilitate your navigation on the Site. The thing is that by using cookies, one avoids having to identify himself again and again for the personalised services by entering your user name and password. The use of cookies is generally accepted by internet users.

4.3 The following cookies are being placed when visiting our website:
– token (keeping a record of the user sessions)
– locale (preferred language)
– __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __utm* (google analytics)
– _cfduid (Cloudflare cookies)
– cf_use_ob
In case you would notify that other cookies are being placed through our Site, we would be grateful if you would inform us immediately, so that we can make the necessary adaptations.

4.4 By changing the settings of your internet browser, you can assure that you will be informed each time cookies are being sent, and even prevent that cookies are being created or stored on the hard disk of your computer. However, SNOWXCHAINS.COM can not guarantee you the access to or the functionment of the Site, wenn the creation of cookies is deactivated.

5. Google Analytics

5.1 This Site uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service that is offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyse how Users are using the Site.

5.2 The information gained on your use of the Site, as for instance your IP-address, is transmitted to Google and stored by Google on its servers in the United States. Google uses these data to keep a record of the way you are using the Site, in order to be able to provide reports on the Site to SNOWXCHAINS.COM, and in order to be able to offer her advertisers information on the effectiveness of their campagnes.

Google can provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or when these third parties are processing the Information on behalf of Google. The general conditions of Google Analytics might have an effect on the Users of the Site. Users acknowledge and accept hereby the general conditions of Google with regard to the use of Google Analytics, and declare to have read and accepted them. These general conditions can be consulted via

5.3 By using this Site, you accept that the data are being processed by Google in the way and for the purposes as described above.

6. Retention period and -location of the Information

6.1 SNOWXCHAINS.COM applies the following retention periods for your Information:
a) Public and personal information: retention period of six (6) months maximum, beginning on the moment that the concerned information has been deleted or your entire Account has been deleted;

b) History and logs: retention period of maximum six (6) months beginning with the creation of the item or the log;

c) Cookies: retention period of maximum one (1) year beginning with the creation of the cookie(s).

6.2 You acknowledge and accept that your Information can be stored in a country outside the EU.

7. Security measures

7.1 SNOWXCHAINS.COM has elaborated various security measures to prevent loss, incorrect use, or the modification of your Information. In order to do so, SNOWXCHAINS.COM uses a team of technicians, automated systems, and advanced technology such as codification and machine code.

7.2 SNOWXCHAINS.COM makes all the necessary efforts to protect the confidentiality of your Information.

7.3 SNOWXCHAINS.COM can never be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages that are the result of an incorrect or wrongful use of the Information by a third party, unless in case of fraud, cheating, or intentional fault.

8. Your rights

8.1 At any time, you can get access to your Information. If required, you can also correct or modify your Information, or even have your Information corrected/modified. In many cases however, you can modify your information yourself through your personal settings. You can oppose the use of your Information for direkt marketing purposes.

8.2 You can always request SNOWXCHAINS.COM to delete your Information. SNOWXCHAINS.COM will respond to this request within a reasonable time.

8.3 You can direct all your questions and/or remarks on the Information collecting and processing to, providing a copy of your identity card.

9. Your password

9.1 Your password is strictly personal, and may not be shared with third parties.
9.2 You can change your password through your personal settings. It is recommended to change your password on a regular basis. A secure password reduces the risk that third parties might get access to your Account, and as such to the Information that is stored in your Account.

10. Import of contacts

10.1 SNOWXCHAINS.COM offers her Users an easy tool to invite contacts to register on the Site. When you import contacts this way, you acknowledge that these contacts have given you their consent to do so, and that a computerized invitation and reminder per e-mail may be sent to these contacts.

10.2 SNOWXCHAINS.COM does not sell any mail addresses; she only uses them to send out invitations.

11. Modifications in this Privacy & Cookie Policy

11.1 This Privacy & Cookie Policy can be modified at any time. In that case, the User is allowed to delete his Account on the Site, without being due to pay any damages.

11.2 Modifications are being published on this Site, in order to keep you informed at all time on the Information we collect, and on the way we use and share this Information.

11.3 Modified versions of this Privacy & Cookie Policy enter into force ten (10) days after their publication on the Site.

12. Authorising the release

12.1 You acknowledge, confirm and explicitely give your consent to SNOWXCHAINS.COM to reveal your Information if required by law, or if SNOWXCHAINS.COM can be assured in good faith that a publication of this kind is reasonably required to:

1. comply with an ongoing judicial investigation, a judicial order or a judicial process with regard to our Site;

2. enforce the General Conditions of SNOWXCHAINS.COM;

3. react to claims for damages against SNOWXCHAINS.COM as a result of your Information that violates the rights of third parties;

4. safeguard the rights, the property and security of SNOWXCHAINS.COM, of her employees, her Users and the public.

12.2 SNOWXCHAINS.COM may also reveal Information on you to the police or judicial authorities with a legal identity or to other official public bodies, in case SNOWXCHAINS.COM, in her discretion, deems this necessary or useful, in connection with a fraud investigation, infringements of intellectual property, or any other harmful activity, or in case SNOWXCHAINS.COM can reasonably suspect that such an activity can expose SNOWXCHAINS.COM or yourself to liability.

13. Applicable law and competent court

13.1 This Privacy & Cookie Policy is governed by, and interpreted and executed in accordance with the belgian law, that exclusively applies in every case of an eventual dispute.

13.2 The courts of the judicial district of Leuven have the exclusive competence to make a judgement on any dispute that could arise from the interpretation or execution of this Privacy & Cookie Policy.