How does it work?

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I am looking for snow chains

You want to rent snow chains in your neighbourhood for your winter sports trip

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You enter your tyre size, location, rental period, and maximum distance to start your search

The website shows an overview map and list of all available and matching snow chains in the area and all the details of the snow chains.

Have you chosen the desired snow chains? Just fill in your giveaways, pay 5,5 € , and receive a screen + confirmation email(plus invoice) with all information about the owner.

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I own snow chains

Your Snow chains are largely unused in your garage or basement, and you want to earn up to € 100 Euro or more per winter without much effort?

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You register for free in 2 minutes here

You can place up to 3 orders online, you determine the rental price and deposit amount yourself.

You can indicate unavailable periods when, for example, you are on holiday yourself.

You will receive an email with each other’s contact details to mutually arrange collection and return, payment and deposit.

At the latest 3 days after the end of the agreed loan period, you return the snow chains neatly.

One week later, we will ask you to score or review the transaction, to enable us to inform future users, and keep our platform safe and reliable.

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