Guarantees and tips

Guarantees from us:

  • We try to maintain the quality of all people using this site (as owners or renters) by using the feedback from everyone: people with very negative scores will be removed from our site.
  • If a renter does not receive the chains from a choosen owner, he can request to search for another search, and this new search is free (see FAQ for the process)

Guarantees for owners:

  • You can determine the requested guarantee-amount yourself (from 0 to xx Euro’s). We advice you to use easy amounts (20, 50, 100 Euro…), and you should receive this amount directly from the renter at the pickup of the chains.
  • We advice you to take a picture of the identity card or drivers licence of the renter.
  • We advice you to check the chains immediatly at their return, since it will be difficult to proof eventual damage afterwards.

Guarantees for renters:

  • We advice you to check the state of the chains at pickup, and take a picture at that moment of the chains to avoid discussion afterwards.
  • Don’t forget to ask your eventual guarantee amount back!

General remarks:

  • Please always give us feedback afterwards! This is the best guarantee for a continuous quality.
  • As stipulated in the general conditions, we cannot take ourselves any responsability on the quality of the chains or the way the renter is using the chains correctly, because is not intervening in the physical exchange of the chains. We will always try to intermediate if requested, but eventual issues should first be arranged as gentleman’s between the owner and the renter!