Frequently Asked Questions

My snow chains have been damaged / my car has been damaged due to the use of the snow chains. What should I do now?
What guarantees do I have that I get my snow chains back in good condition?
How can I be sure to find a letter with suitable snow chains in my neighbourhood?
Why do I have to pay 5,5 Euro’s fee?
Are snow socks (textile coverings) equally good as snow chains?
In which countries is the use of snow chains compulsory?
Can I leave feedback on the letter/hirer?
What’s the exact mounting procedure for snow chains?
On which wheels do I have to mount the snow chains?
How do I determine the rental price for my snow chains?
Can I pay by bank transfer?
Do I have to return my rental income in my tax declaration?
Will I receive an invoice from SnowXchains?
How can I add supplementary information or modify the rental price of my snow chains, for instance?
Do I have to renew my registration every single year?
How can I indicate the periods in which my snow chains are unavailable?
How can I add or change information to my profile?
Can I rent snow chains for a longer or shorter period than one week?
What’s the standard rental period?
Can I assemble any type of chain as long as the size fits?
How do you determine whether specific snow chains fit my tyres or not?
Why is the size of my snow chains or my tyres not displayed in the list?
Guarantees and damage
We strongly advise you to settle any kind of damage to the snow chains, ordinary wear and tear excepted, directly with the hirer. You could keep (a part of) the deposit, but only when it’s firmly the case that the hirer made a mistake. As for any damage caused to the car, the owner of the car is the one and only responsible, because this could be the result of the incorrect use of the snow chains. In case you have a full coverage insurance, you can recover the damage from your insurance company.
A certain degree of wear through use is completely normal and can therefore never be a reason to claim damages. These guidelines may avoid misunderstandings: In case you are the letter, make a picture of the identity card of the hirer at the time of collection, and ask for a deposit of 50 euros; In case you are the hirer, take a picture of the snow chains that clearly shows their condition at the time of collection. We advise you to always check ratings and reviews of letters or hirers on our website. Any letter or hirer against whom we would have multiple reports of irregularities, will be permanently blocked.
After entering your search criteria, you will get an overview of available snow chains that are suitable for your vehicle and their locations. The more restrictive your search criteria are, the more limited results you will get, of course. Just try it out! In case something goes wrong with a transaction, we’ll send you the contact details of a second letter for free. In this case, go to the contact form on our website and select the option ‘The chosen snow chains were not available and I want to ask for a FREE new search’ and state the problem. The same procedure applies in the unlikely event that your second choice doesn’t deliver either. So, we guarantee you that we will come up with a solution.
This webplatform has been constructed to bring owners and lenders of snow chains together, in an efficient and performant way. But it has been (and still is) an investment, and asking a small fee to lenders seems to be the fairest way for all… After all, every lender got’s a good solution which gives a serious saving (no expensive purchase, easy to pick up in your neighbourhood, no storage etc…). We hope you see this fee as a fair deal! And we’ll use it to invest further in your customer satisfaction, by developping other interesting solutions for all travellers!
No, they are not. Tests carried out by independent automotive associations, have clearly shown that snow socks are not as efficient as snow chains. They even increase the stopping distance. In case of heavy snowfall, you may get yourself into trouble.
As for this topic, we kindly refer you to our separate information page
Yes, and we strongly encourage you to do so! About a week after the rental period, both the letter and the hirer of the snow chains will be invited to leave feedback by entering a score. One single score will do to be displayed on our website under the heading ‘Average rating’.
Mounting of the snow chains
Please watch our instructional video: xxx. We advise you to practice the mounting of the snow chains at home, preferably in a well-lit, heated garage, before applying them in real life conditions
That depends on the vehicle type. You can find this information in the owner’s manual of the vehicle and on the website of the constructor. In general, snow chains are mounted on the driven wheels. For four wheel drive cars it is often recommended to mount them on the front wheels. We advise you to check this before you start mounting the snow chains.
We advise you to be reasonable. Take the original price of your snow chains into account, the condition they are in and the rental price other letters in your region are asking. Here are a few tips:
  • In case your snow chains are new, we recommend 15 to 25 % of the purchase price;
  • in case they have already been used, we recommend a maximum of 20 % of the purchase price.
  • The absolute rental price for the most common snow chains should not be lower than € 10 to € 15, and not higher than € 25 to € 30.
  • For more particular snow chains, like those for SUVs and sports cars, you could determine a higher rental price.
Of course you can. Just select the option ‘Transfer’. You will then receive a mail with the payment details. After receiving your payment we will immediately mail you the contact details of the letter of your choice. Mind you: because this procedure takes a few days, someone else might hire these snow chains in the meantime.
Yes indeed. You are supposed to return the total amount of your rental income for the tax year under the heading ‘Miscellaneous income’. In Belgium, this income is taxed at 33%, with a maximum of 5.100 euros. Attention however: In other countries, other rules apply. Needless to say that this tax declaration is a strictly private matter, and that will therefore by no means intervene.
As a hirer, you won’t receive an invoice. We will only mail you a confirmation with the contact details of the letter you selected and the rental price. As a private letter, you won’t receive an invoice either, because this is a transaction between you and the hirer only. But as a professional letter, we will mail you an invoice for the registration of your snow chains on our website. You can charge the rental costs directly to the hirer by way of a regular receipt
When registering on our website, you will be asked to enter a mail address and a password. Once your registration is completed, you will be able to log in again (as a letter or a hirer) as often as you wish, and you will have access to all of your data. You will then also be able to modify these data, in case you would like to do so. Every single modification is displayed immediately. Attention however! In case you would modify the rental price after we provided your contact data to the hirer, the initial rental price will remain fully applicable, meaning the price as mentioned in our confirmation mail sent to the both of you.
No. We keep your account active for three years. If you haven’t logged in over a period of three years, your account will automatically be deleted. We will remind you annually to check your details and update them if necessary.
You can enter these periods under the heading ‘Periods of availability’.
After registration on our website, you will be able to log in to your account whenever you wish to have access to all your details. Every single modification is displayed immediately. Attention however! In case you modify the rental price after we provided your contact data to a hirer, the initial rental price as mentioned in the confirmation mail remains fully applicable.
Rental period
Of course, if you agree on this with the letter of the snow chains, and if you are willing to pay the adjusted rental price. Yet, the letter is not bound to agree to deviating from standard rental periods.
The standard rental period is one week. You pick up the snow chains somewhere between Wednesday evening and Saturday previous to the rental period; you return them somewhere between Sunday and Tuesday evening following the rental period. You are allowed to deviate, but you have to be aware that this will have an effect on the availability of the snow chains in the previous or following rental period. The exact moment of collecting and returning the snow chains is to be defined by mutual agreement.
Sizes and compatibility
No: always check your maintenance booklet of the car, or check it on the site of your car brand. In some cases only specific types of chains are possible due to the limitations of the wheel arch, such as "tread chains". These are specific chains that can be mounted on the tread of the wheel itself (and with an attachment on the outside of the wheel axle), such as the RUD Hybrid or Centrax, the König K-Summit, Polar Grip, Spikes Spider Easy, ... These chains are in general a lot more expensive. The thickness of the chain can also help: 9 mm chains need only about 15 mm of play, while 16 mm chains require about 21 mm of play. And there are also some 7 mm chains on the market. A tip to check yourself: go with your hand from the 9 o'clock position to the 3 o'clock position and feel (especially at the back of the tire) if you do not feel anything (wheel arch, brake, ...) in case you would mount snow chains.
Snow chains always have a certain adaptation margin to the tyre size. That’s why the manufacturer usually states several compatible tyre sizes on the label of its snow chains. Manufacturers tend to use a margin of 6 % to 7 % higher and lower to the perfect fit. The calculator on our website allows a maximum adaptation margin of only 5 %, just to be on the safe side.
We display all the measurements in accordance with the general standard: tyre size (width/height) in mm; rim size (diameter) in inch - for instance: 220/60 x 18. Some manufacturers however, display the rim size in mm as well - for instance: 220/60 x 457. One inch is 25.4 mm, so an easy calculation will do to find the matching sizes: 457 mm / 25.4 = 18 inches

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