About SnowXchains

Leuven, 12 july 2018

The idea itself has matured for years. Every time a winter trip had to be arranged, the same headaches came back. Where were those snow chains again? Do they fit on the tyres of the new car? Would any of my friends have suitable snow chains or should we buy new ones again? What a hassle for a something that we use only a few times a year. ‘This could be arranged cheaper and simpler’ I thought …

When in February 2018 my wife’s car bumped into mine on an iced mountain road in the Alps, was the trigger. She couldn’t stop the car because it lacked snow chains.  After a real interactive family council about the options, risks, benefits and disadvantages, it was decided to set up a performant web-platform!

In September ’18 the idea was converted into the launch of what you see here now: www.snowxchains.com, launched in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany. And proud we are!

We hope that we can bring a lot of travel convenience to winter sports enthusiasts, combined with a lower cost for snow chains and more safety on the road. And we are happy to be able to finally offer many owners of snow chains a high-performance channel to make their sleeping chains more profitable.

That’s why we do it, to offer you a solution and convenience that you missed before!????!

E.Goris, initiator SnowXchains.com